Frequently Asked Questions

Who can get Nonviolent Communication training?

Nonviolent Communication is a path for anyone interested in connecting with one’s innate compassionate nature. Anybody who wishes to get Nonviolent Communication training can get it.

Which Nonviolent Communication books are available in Turkish?

  • Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life, Marshall Rosenberg, Remzi Kitabevi
  • Speak Peace in a World of Conflict, Marshall Rosenberg, Maya Yayınları
  • Respectful Parents, Respectful Kids, Sura Hart & Victoria Kindle Hodson, Remzi Kitabevi
  • Compassionate Classroom, Sura Hart & Victoria Kindle Hodson, BBOM Yayınları
  • Your Resonant Self, Sarah Peyton, W.W. Norton & Company
  • Don’t Be Nice, Be Real, Kelly Bryson, Şiddetsiz İletişim Kitaplığı

Can anybody become a Nonviolent Communication trainer?

Many people can find Nonviolent Communication’s contribution very valuable and want to share it with others, and many can long for becoming a certified trainer with that purpose.

For those who would like to share Nonviolent Communication, CNVC provides a practical guide that you can find on

Who can teach Nonviolent Communication?

Of course anybody, by stating that they are not certified and that they only are sharing what they have learned, can share this enriching knowledge with others. You can check “A Guide to Sharing Nonviolent Communication for Individuals who are not Certified Trainers” on: and

In such a violent world, won’t it make us weak to be nonviolent?

Nonviolent Communication describes power as “the capacity to move necessary resources in order to meet needs.” In that sense, I believe that those who are more aware of their needs and are clear about their resources are more in connection with their power. I see Nonviolent Communication as an empowering journey. With all the violence going on, I choose to focus on what I really want and that’s how I become more powerful.

Does Nonviolent Communication mean that we’ll never get angry?

Nonviolent Communication takes anger as a messenger of needs, in the same way as all comfortable or uncomfortable feelings. We all are human and we feel uncomfortable feelings like anger when our needs are not met. Nonviolent Communication also addresses how we deal with that anger. Rather than get lost in my anger, I can look to understand the need behind it and take steps to meet the need. Nonviolent Communication gifts us this process.

Do you charge for your Nonviolent Communication trainings?

I experience abundance in my Nonviolent Communication journey when all parties’ needs are cared for. For me, those coming to my seminars are the ones who contribute to make the seminar happen. This is how the seminar is realized and how I am able to  live my life by sharing Nonviolent Communication. More so, by giving all my energy to sharing the knowledge, I get a chance to grow and learn, and I contribute to the teaching that I believe will enrich participants’ lives.

When you offer your contribution in the form of money for my services my life gets easier because I too get many of my needs met by means of money. This said, I’m not comfortable with the idea that some willing participant could not participate just because of lack of money. This is why I suggest contributions considering my needs, while also giving the opportunity to participate by service exchange or scholarship for those having a hard time to pay the contribution fee.