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My Services

Introduction to Nonviolent Communication

I offer introductory seminars to familiarize yourself with the basics of Marshall Rosenberg's Nonviolent Communication method. In the introductory seminars, I focus mainly on topics such as communication styles that prevent compassion, 4 components of Nonviolent Communication (Observation, Emotion, Needs, Request), empathy, empathy to myself, empowering effect of appreciation and gratitude, according to Marshall Rosenberg. I announce my seminars on my Instagram account. I determine the format of the seminar according to the needs of the day in my Seminar House in Beşiktaş or online.

Empathic Coaching

I conduct face-to-face interviews with individuals who want to be clear on a certain subject within themselves, who miss to connect with their own emotions and needs to determine clear steps.

Basics of Nonviolent Communication Yearly Program

I really enjoy accompanying those who have received an introductory seminar to deepen their journeys. In these seminars, which are known as the annual program, containing the Fundamentals of Nonviolent Communication, I follow the content of Marshall Rosenberg's Nonviolent Communication A Language of Life. I also like to name these programs as Basics of Heart Language. Please fill in the form to get information about the annual program, which will continue for the fifth time in the October 2020-2021 period.


With the mediation method of Nonviolent Communication, I keep the space for couples, friends, family members, colleagues to hear and understand each other.

Deepening Program

For those who want to deepen in Nonviolent Communication after the basic training program, I offer Basic Training programs for a year.


By making one to one interviews with those who want to share Nonviolent Communication, I support them to draw their own road maps. When I present my mentoring, while I am sharing my own experiences I also aim to contribute to my fellow colleagues finding their own voices and discovering growth and development thresholds.

Meeting Programs

I give a minimum of 2 hours of interactive presentations to institutions and organizations that want to meet Nonviolent Communication.

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